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Oral Surgery

Most oral health concerns respond well to conservative treatments, but in some instances, oral surgery is necessary. At True Dental Group, James Brown, DDS, Randal Silver, DMD, and the team offer several types of oral surgery on an outpatient basis, including tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafts, and tori removal. To learn more about your options, make an appointment at the practice in Independence, Missouri, by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.

Oral Surgery Q & A

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure performed in or around your mouth or jaw. These measures combine special tools and anesthesia to ensure quick, pain-free operations and long-lasting treatment outcomes.
Before recommending oral surgery, your True Dental Group provider conducts an oral exam and reviews your dental health history.
During your initial visit, let your provider know about any medications or supplements you take. In addition, let them know if you’re living with any underlying health problems like high blood pressure or heart disease.
These issues won’t keep you from oral surgery, but they may increase the risk of potential complications.
True Dental Group offers several types of oral surgery, including:

Tooth extractions
Tooth extraction is a type of oral surgery that removes one (or multiple) teeth. Extractions fall into two categories –– simple or surgical. Simple extractions are quick and pain-free; surgical extractions require a little more effort and a longer recovery period.

Wisdom teeth removal
Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last of your teeth to come in. They’re located at the very back of your mouth, and they often become impacted. If your wisdom teeth are unable to break through the gumline, your risk of infection and other issues increases.
Wisdom teeth removal provides a safe and effective way to prevent these and other problems before they occur.

Bone grafts
If you want dental implants but don’t have enough bone to support them, your True Dental Group provider might recommend a bone graft.
During a bone graft, your provider inserts a piece of synthetic bone material into your jaw. Over time, the synthetic material encourages the production of new, healthy bone tissue.

Tori removal
Tori removal is bone growth that develops either on roof of the mouth or floor of the mouth, under your tongue. Tori removal involves your True Dental Group provider carefully removing the excess bone material with special tools and closing the incision with stitches.
To learn more about the different types of oral surgery, make an appointment at True Dental Group. Call the office today, or request an appointment online.


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